We are experts in all areas of Underwriting recruitment. We work with candidates at all levels of their careers from experienced Underwriters, Underwriting Managers and Heads of Underwriting through to Junior and Trainee Underwriters. Underwriting is at the heart of our client’s businesses. We understand the importance of finding the right candidates with the right skills that integrates seamlessly into their teams. With experience in Sales Underwriting, Development Underwriting and Technical Underwriting, the team at 360 Recruitment fully understand the needs of our clients. We are specialists at sourcing the highest calibre professionals across all lines of business, and at all levels.

  • Commercial Underwriting
  • Personal Lines
  • Life Insurance
  • Casualty
    Addressing the potential for property losses and injuries and providing peace of mind with liability coverage.
  • Cyber
    Protecting businesses and individual users from internet based risks, and risks that generally relate to IT and digital data.
  • Financial Lines
    Managing risks associated with a company’s integrity, reputation and potential financial losses.
  • Liability
    Protecting businesses from a range of legal liabilities including employer’s liability, public liability, product liability and Directors and Officers liability.
  • Fine Art & Specie Underwriting
    Managing the risks associated with fine art, jewellers and cash in transit.
  • Marine Underwriting
    Addressing risks associated with ships and cargo.
  • Motor & Motor Fleet
    Insuring against the risks of both individual commercial car users and large commercial fleets.
  • Pecuniary
    Protecting business against only financial losses including but not limited to legal expenses and fraud.
  • Professional Indemnity
    Protecting businesses and individuals from the cost of loss or damage resulting from services or advice provided.
  • Property
    Insuring physical commercial property against risks including fire, theft and natural disaster.
  • Real Estate
    Providing coverage for property owners who lease or rent building space.
  • Combined
    Addressing multiple business risks within one policy.
  • War & Terrorism
    Protecting business from a multitude of threats in an unpredictable world, including but not limited to terrorism and sabotage, war and civil war.
  • Vehicle
    Protecting company vehicles from damages.
  • High Net worth Underwriting
    Providing often non-standard insurance coverage against a variety of risks.
  • Household Underwriting
    Addressing the potential for loss within the home, whether it be physical buildings or contents.
  • Life
    Providing peace of mind with a financial pay-out in the event of death.
  • Motor Underwriting
    Insuring the risk of loss or damage associated with individual motor.
  • Pet
    Providing peace of mind against unforeseen costs associated with a pet.
  • Travel
    Address the variety of risks associated with travel, whether as a one-off or an annual policy.
  • Life
    Providing dependants with a sum of money should a person pass away.
  • Critical Illness
    Providing a policyholder with sum of money should they become diagnosed with a specific illness on a pre-determined list.
  • Income Protection
    Providing an income to those who can’t work due to illness, injury or accident.
  • Life Assurance
    Providing a sum of money upon a persons’ death, whenever it occurs in their life.
  • Healthcare
    Providing a payment to an individual who has acquired costs due to illness or injury.
  • Accidental Death
    Providing a sum of money upon death due to accidental causes.

We pride ourselves and deliver on sourcing exceptional professionals in the following roles:

  • Head of / Director
  • Senior Underwriter
  • Underwriting Manager
  • Underwriting Supervisor
  • Underwriting Assistant
  • Underwriting Clerk
  • Underwriter
  • Trainee / Graduate

By working closely with our clients and candidates and gaining an in-depth insight to their requirements we are able to provide an exceptional service, sourcing those hard to find professionals and helping our candidates to find their dream roles.