Email Marketing

The importance of direct marketing and email is becoming increasingly evident throughout the digital marketing era. The best way to get in touch with a specific market you are wanting to target is through email. Email is becoming one of the most common forms of direct marketing nowadays.

Companies want to save their reputation and of course the costs of unsuccessful direct marketing. Businesses want to be direct with their marketing yet keeping it feeling as though it is still personal, specialists within this field need to create engaging digital marketing in order to entice a consumer to buy a product or service.

360 Recruitment can source the very best candidates who have experience within the direct and email marketing field, who are able to carry out market research, check trends and make suggestions to consumers.

We pride ourselves and deliver on sourcing exceptional professionals in the following roles:

  • Head of / Director
  • Marketing Manager
  • Direct Marketing Manager
  • Direct and Digital Marketing Manager
  • Account Based Marketing Manager
  • Regional Marketing Manager
  • Media Campaign Manager
  • Direct Marketing Executive

When working with our clients we aim to gain as much insight as possible as to what they are looking for when recruiting for their next outstanding professional, we are also able to give guidance throughout the process.